Movies Scraping and Downloading PHP Script

Movies Scraping and Downloading PHP Script

We have developed Complete working script of Movies Downloader done by web scraping to bypass annoying ads and popups and redirects to make seprate user friendly environment.

It Includes Following Points.

  • Built in Core PHP
  • Used DOM Parser For Web Scraping 
  • Clean Design No Complication
  • 3 Pages Included (Search , Result and Download)
  • Best for making Viral Website 
  • Can be used in Movies website as a embedded Download Links

Future Update : 

  • Will Include Multi-Scraping
  • Will add multiple sources Search , Result and Download Links
  • Will add Torrent Result and links also.
  • Option to Watch movies if available .

Demo of this Project :

Start date :
3 Aug 2021

End Date :
Still Working on it

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